Tara Rick, PhD, PA-C

Research Associate in Cancer Survivorship Division of Hematology, Oncology, and Transplantation University of Minnesota Member Screening, Prevention, Etiology and Cancer Survivorship Program, Masonic Cancer Center

Dr. Tara Rick is a Research Associate in Cancer Survivorship at the University of Minnesota. She is a member of the Screening, Prevention, Etiology and Cancer Survivorship Program within the Masonic Cancer Center and member of the Scientific Network on Female Sexual Health and Cancer.  She is a long-term Physician Assistant in Hematology/Oncology at M Health Fairview with a special focus on the effect of cancer and its treatment on the sexual health of cancer survivors and received a PhD in Radiotherapy at Erasmus University in the Netherlands. She sits on the board for the Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania, teaches at the University of Minnesota and Saint Catherine University, and contributes to Cure Magazine.

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Research Summary

Dr. Rick has a special interest in cancer survivorship, sexual health in cancer survivors, physician assistant education and global workforce, and global oncology. She works with Dr. Anne Blaes, the Director of Cancer Survivorship Services and Translational Research and Co-Director of the Screening, Prevention, Etiology and Cancer Survivorship Program in cancer survivorship research activities, patient- and provider-facing education, and programmatic work.


  • Educational Award for Allied Health Professionals. Minnesota Society of Clinical Oncology 2022.

  • Gerald and Henrietta Rauenhorst Foundation. 2017 and 2019

  • NCCPA Health Foundation Be the Change Grant. 2017

  • PAs for Global Health Fellow Scholarship 2016

  • PA Foundation IMPACT Grant 2015

  • PA Foundation Global Outreach Grant 2015


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Tara Rick