Cancer Survivorship Program


Who is a Cancer Survivor?

You are a cancer survivor from the point of a cancer diagnosis including throughout treatment and living with cancer and throughout remission.

What is the Cancer Survivorship Program?

We recognize that life after a cancer diagnosis is a lifelong change to your health and lifestyle that affects family and loved ones. The Cancer Survivorship Program is here to help provide valuable resources and information to help you navigate the many questions that arise throughout a diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. The Cancer Survivorship Program is a collaboration between the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota and M Health Fairview.

What does the Cancer Survivorship Program do?

The Cancer Survivorship Program helps to provide the education and resources necessary for your cancer journey and includes information for current patients, longtime survivors, loved ones, and other support systems. We also support continued learning for survivorship clinical and research communities.

Information for Clinicians and Researchers

We are proud to help connect survivorship clinicians and researchers to educational and networking opportunities. Visit the For Providers tab above to learn more.

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